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It is with regret that the association/foundation announce  long time association legal advisor  and current legal advisor for the foundation has resigned from his position as legal advisor.
It with great pride that the association / foundation announce Mr. Benjamin B. Choi  on  July 24, 2019 Wednesday will be sworn in as the municipal Judge of the city of Hoboken. The association and foundation are grateful to Ben for putting in the time and effort as our legal advisor. There is no doubt Ben  or soon to be  his Honor will serve the people of Hoboken and this state well in his new position. Congratulations Ben and the very best of luck to you.
 Benjamin B. Choi.
 Please checkout the attached flier. On July 27th from 10AM to 2PM the Mercer County Prosecutors Office and the Trenton Police Department have joined forces to produce a fantastic CAR SHOW. This event is not just a Car Show but a day of entertainment for the entire family. Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.... July 27th for a fun filled day at the waterfront.

The 20th annual Law Enforcement Career Fair and Social, aka AsianFest was a successful event on many levels.24 law enforcement entities participated.9  corporate entities  participated.several hundred attended the event including but not limited to law enforcement executives such as the NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, 1st Asst. AG(&Union County Prosecutor) Jennifer Davenport, Chief J. Gonzalez (Newark PD) , Agent In Charge C. Peterson (ATF) and Major B. Polite (New Jersey State Police).  Over one hundred photos were taken of the event including to my understanding the very first in the state of New Jersey, an aerial view of a law enforcement career fair.


The 1st round of photos will include the NJ Attorney General Grewal as he "rounds the bases" as he meets with the various law enforcement entities in attendance.
The NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal addressing the 24 law enorcment entities in attendance.
The Attorney General and the 1sr Asst AG/ Union County Prosecutor Jennifer Davenport with the Port Authority of NY & NJ PD and the Drug Enforcement Administration.
 The AG & Bergenfield  PD                              The AG, the 1st Asst AG and FBI 

The AG & the ATF& Explosives Bureau.              Union County Prosecutor and the Westfield PD

A job well done!
Two members of the association  while off duty did an excellent job of police work to nab a "porch pirate."  An individual who steals  delivered packages from the  front of homes.
'Porch Pirate' Arrested By Off-Duty Edison Cop Couple: PD  Congrats to Lisa and Mike! 

The husband and wife, both Edison police officers, thought something looked weird— and ended up arresting a "porch pirate


Some most often questions about the 20th Annual Law Enforcement social/career fair. The cost pp is 10. indidvuals with a current college ID are 50% off at 5. children under 12 are free. Yes there will be traditional BBQ fare prepared by our very own Chef Larson who has been with us for the past several years.  There will also be Chinses, Korean, Asian Indian and Philippine foods. Children fingerprinted by Fanwood Police Lieutenant E. Chin  are the sole property of the parent /guardian. No one has a copy. Lieutenant Chin has been fingerprinting youngsters for so long some come back to the program as adults. There is no charge to fingerprint a child.Using the DWI simulator is at your own risk and only with the okay of staff at the simulator. The simulator is well managed by a retired supervisory officer of the state police. All decisions about the simulator are at his and his staff's discretion . The simulator is free, there is no cost to try it.  Yes children are encouraged to speak with the recruiters. All personnel participating are  sworn law enforcement professionals. They will confer with those currently seeking a career in the law enforcement field and those that may seek such a career  5,10 15 years down the road.  Any and all liabilities are strictly the responsibility of the indidvuals attending the program. Any other questions please e mail us for a response.*******************************************************

On Friday May 10th Society of Asian federal Officers Gala was once again a huge success. Eric Lawson did a great job as MC as did Janet, Yui and the rest of the board in organizing this annual event. The honorable Dr. Henry Lee received  the person of the year award . Dr Lee or as known as Uncle Lee to some as a show of respect, was as always a gracious honoree.

 Photo left to right: Joe Luistro , President of the NJAALEOA, Dr. Henry Lee, R. May founder of the NJAALEOA. Joe and Robert have been past 1VP's of the national Asian Peace Officers Association. Both have been privileged, in Louisiana, and Washington DC to listen to one of Dr, Lee's full 45 minutes lectures. An amazing presentation.

DISC model facilitator certification course. Click here for more information

A special day for one of our long time NJAALEOA members.  Ocean Twp. Sergeant Dennis Jarin. His son and very recently his daughter Frances followed their father in the law enforcement profession. Frances recently graduated  from the Ocean County Police Academy receiving  the high honor of Valedictorian and will serve with the Beach Haven Police Department. 
Congrats to the Jarin family!!!

The association's  April 16th "Meet the Chief Night: program by many accounts was a success, especially for those who took the initiative and attended the program. Most of the attendees were highly motivated individuals who are seeking a career within the law enforcement field. The panelists of highly respected executive law enforcement individuals didn't disappoint. A wide array of advise to succeed with the process toward becoming a police officer, or agent was presented. During the break out part of the program, all the Chiefs spoke to the attendees on a one to one basis as they waited their turn to speak to many of them. The New Jersey State Police took data information from those attendees wishing to vie for a position of state trooper. The Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice took the name of attendees that had a desire to intern with this highly respected organization. An added benefit only to the attendees of that night was  the opportunity to take a 3 day civil service prep course. Normally a 3 day course costs about 185 to 225 dollars. For those that attended our program the cost per person was ZERO!  There is no doubt the diverse group of attendees have an advantage against those who did not partake in this unique program.

The association cannot thank enough  the panelists who took part in our program.  A noted word of thanks to Professor Freeman who spread the word to his students who came out and took advantage of this free program. Click here for event photos.

The 2nd in charge of the NJ Attorney General's Office
The #1 law enforcement official in Middlesex County
A Police Chief of a progressive police department awarded several distinguished  honors.
A Chief of Operations for one of the largest Police Departments in the state of New Jersey
A Chief of the fourth largest municipality in NJ with over 185 sworn officers under his supervision.
A Chief that experienced every rank in the department from patrol officer to Chief.
A Chief of Detectives, a Undersheriff and director of one of the largest law enforcement related organizations.
The organizations these outstanding law enforcement officials represent hire hundreds of sworn law enforcement personnel and related careers pretty much on an annual basis.
This your opportunity to meet face to face with these law enforcement officials to ask questions in regards to thier respective departments, hiring practices,  or what they seek in candidates for their respective departments. Questions of municipal, county and state law may be on your mind. Community policing on the local, county and state levels may be an issue of interest. This is a one night only opportunity that you may not have for a long time afterwards. The New Jersey State Police Recruitment Unit will also be present as  there is an expectation of many will be hired for the position of NJ State Trooper. Bring a few resumes, you never know. Dress is neat casual. Please make a copy of the flier for family members, fellow classmates or friends interested in the law enforcement profession . Admission is free.
RSVP as per the flier.
The  NJAALEOA  oldest, largest all inclusive   Asian based fraternal organization in the state of New Jersey.  www.asiancops.org    www.njaaleoa.org   like us on Facebook

Click on photo to enlarge
With the pyramids of Egypt as a backdrop, long time member  Port Authority Officer
Mina  Shenouda proposes to the lady of his dreams.... She said yes!  

The association is happy to announce the past advisor for the association and now the advisor for the NJAA Law Enforcement Foundation, and municipal prosecutor wears another hat. That of newly elected councilman for the borough of Leonia. We wish Ben Choi Esq. the very best in his new position. Photo: Ben being sworn in as Councilman with his family.

Membership Renewal
Our annual membership drive is going on now. Please visit our website and become part of the 2019 team! Membership benefits are excellent... there is strength in numbers so renew now! 


Congrats, to our association attorney, Jay Weinberg!
Congrats to the association attorney Jay Weinberg upon recently obtaining his black belt!
The association and foundation not only have two excellent attorneys, Jay Weinberg and Benjamin Choi but both are black belts within their respective martial art disciplines.
Association attorney/blackbelt Jay Weinberg in the middle.

Lastly, to all our members who are federal, contract, or all others effected by the partial federal shutdown down, we hope the shut down ends sooner than later. One should never mess with someone's pay but those that get paid, lifetime health benefits and many other benefits at no cost representing us are playing malicious politics at the expense of over a million US citizens, while we feed. cloth give health care, shelter to thousands of non US citizens costing all of us including those with no pay checks millions upon millions of dollars with no end in sight.
Our people don't serve this.

December 19 at 8:17 PM 

Patrol officers Lee and Coronel were conducting a detail in Jersey City to ensure the safety of our bus and light rail passengers. While in the area of MLK station the officers observed illegal activity inside a motor vehicle and conducted a stop. The investigation led to the seizure of a loaded handgun, illicit drugs, money, and the arrest of four occupants. In addition to safeguarding our State’s transportation system, NJTPD officers also contribute to the safety of the communities around our transportation facilities.

Brian is a long time member of the association. Excellent work, Kudos to Brian and his partner . A job well done!



The association is pleased to support long time association member Bruce Polkowitz for the position of PFRS Retiree Representative. Bruce brings a vast wealth of knowledge  from  his career in law enforcement, PBA leadership and private enterprise. Bruce is truly the right person for retiree representative to the PFRS BOARD OF TRUSTEES. You may read about Bruce within a recent copy of NJ COPS Magazine.

 To the members of the association, THANK YOU for your support,your time to translate, assist in law enforcement special details with the permission of your respective Chiefs/ Sheriffs. THANK YOU for making us the oldest, largest all inclusive Asian based fraternal law enforcement association in the State of New Jersey.
As of !2/28/18  148 law enforcement personnel have been killed in the line of duty in 2018
148 too many. Please take a moment to say a little prayer for those lost and those that continue to serve and protect within the great country we live in.

A State Trooper on patrol.  a great message. I am sure some of you have a similar story.

Please be careful & safe out there the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

21 years and counting www.asiancops.org like us on Facebook.

The association is proud of the participation of three of our members Fred Rivera, Bergen County Sheriff's Office, Ayaz Mahmoud, Edison Police Department and Gene Hong, New Jersey State Police  within the NJ Attorney General's "Immigrant Trust Directive." It is with the understanding the directive's goal is to enhance the cooperation between the law enforcement community and the immigrant population residing within New Jersey.  The directive is with the understanding it is not to dilute, prevent, curtail, or prevent an officer from carrying out the duties he/she has swore to do for the people of New Jersey. Special thanks to the Chief of Police of Edison Township, the Bergen County Sheriff and the Superintendent  of the NJ State Police for allowing their personnel to participate.
Please check out https://www.nj.gov/oag/trust/index.html for the English and other language versions of the Attorney General's Directive.
Member helping members... This is from a long time sworn member of the association giving you, or family member the heads up to a unique opportunity to enter the law enforcement field. Thank you Mohammod!

On November 3rd, the NJAALEOA held its general membership meeting at the Korean Pinic Garden Buffet located in Edison, NJ.  Our guest speaker was Deputy Chief Raymond Bryan of the Port Authority of NY & NJ PD. The Chief spoke of the history of the department and answered question from those in attendance.  At the meeting several topics were discussed including the Ex. Bd's meeting with the honorable NJ Attorney General Grewal and his staff. The meeting kicked off the 2019 membership drive. Great food, great guest, great company makes for a great meeting.

Photo one: third from left, Chief Raymond Bryan and the Ex. Bd. Click photo to enlarge.
Photo two: some of the members that attended the November 3rd meeting.  Click photo to enlarge.

On November 1, 2018 the Executive Board of the association met with the  honorable New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and a number of his staff.  Much was discussed including  issues that affect not only the community at large but also it appears to effect older Asian Americans. Also a list of questions that you the membership sent in to the association as well as those by supervisory law enforcement personnel was given to the Attorney General for review and response. The meeting by all accounts very went well.
Photo: left to right: OAG Diversity Officer Lora Fong,  Jamie Yeh association OEM director, R. May,  NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal,  association president Joseph Luistro,  association [email protected] Fred Rivera, association recording secretary Grace Marotta and special asst., to the Attorney General Joe Walsh.

At the conclusion of the productive meeting the Executive Board was honored to meet with and briefly speak with FIVE County Prosecutors, of which one is a long time supporter of the association and super person,  Mercer County Prosecutor  Angelo J. Onofri. The Ex. Board hopes to start and maintain a dialogue with the other four honorable County Prosecutors.
Photo left to right: First Asst. Attorney General Jennifer Davenport, Jamie Yeh, OAG Diversity Officer Lora Fong,  Fred Rivera, R. May, Warren County Prosecutor Richard T. Burke,  Hudson County County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri, ,  NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, Joe Luistro, Sussex County Prosecutor Francis A. Koch , Morris  County Prosecutor Fredrick M. Knapp and Grace Marotta.

 The speaker for the Nov,3rd meeting will be

Port Authority Police Deputy Chief Raymond Bryan.  



On August 3nd Friday  a few executive board members of the association had the opportunity to conduct a meeting with New Jersey 1st Asst. Attorney General Jennifer Davenport.  (Her bio is contained with the NJ State Attorney General website) Discussed where issues of mutual concern and specific issues the association addressed on behalf of our members and supporters including  but not limited to the recently developed school resource officer directives. The meeting with the 1st Asst. Attorney General was held with NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro, Recording Secretary Grace Marotta and Pres. Emeritus Robert May. The association gave a synopsis of what the association has accomplished for the community and law enforcement over the years and what the association plans to  do in the future. 1st Asst. AG Davenport was given national and state wide materials that the association has been part of or started. The association also gave  her as a token of appreciation for all her  past, current and future work for the people of New Jersey  a statue of an ancient law enforcement  mythical being. The association is eager to continue  be part of the conversation when appropriate within the office of the Attorney  General as we were with the past two previous administrations.



Left to right Photo: Robert May, 1st Asst. AG Davenport, NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro.

Middle Photo: NJAALEOA Recording Secretary Grace Marotta, 1st Asst. AG Davenport, Robert May

Right Photo: 1st Asst. AG Davenport and with NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro.



On May 4, 2018 the Society of Asian Federal Officers held its annual gala. The event was a success as everyone had a great time. It is a time to meet "old timers" one has not seen in a while and also to meet the up and coming soon to be veterans of various law enforcement agencies and departments in the region. It is also a good time to talk to high profile law enforcement officials such as the Chief of the US Marshals  in regards to the association and to super supporters of law enforcement such as Rae Kim and Richard Lewis of SAFE BENEFITS. Congratulations to Kai and the other Ex. Bd. members of SOAFO for yet another successful event!

Click on picture to enlarge


Photos top; Agnes Chan, the 1st female Asian American promoted to the rank of Detective within the NYPD & NJAALEOA Ex. Bd. member Fred Rivera    Veteran (ret) Federal Agent and 2018 SOAFO honoree Harold Moy PAPD Sgt. Howard Chin, Suffolk County PD Asian Jade Society President  Jeff Fong and R. May

Photos bottom; PAPD Officer Timothy Mui, NJAALEOA Ex. Bd. members R. May & Fred Rivera.  75+ years of law enforcement. R. May, NYPD Det. & President of the NYPD AJS Eugene Canapi, & Just retired Federal Agent & SOAFO Ex. Bd. member Yui Chow


This past  Wednesday  4/25/18,  President Joe Luistro convened a meeting of several members to update our media status. The association had three Facebook pages. One dedicated to a closed group for members of which many were not. We have hundreds of sworn and associate members and only 53 were on the closed site. The second site generally brought one general news which was law enforcement related. This was a public page The 3rd page brought one almost 100% news regarding the association or the foundation. This was a public page.  At the end of the day, the closed Facebook site will shut down. The Facebook site which generally had law enforcement news will be shut down. The sole public Facebook page  The New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association will be the only official Facebook page of the association.  This page will combine the three strengths of three pages into one. The administrators and editors of the sole Facebook site consists of five very long time members.  Jason Chang (our IT person), Jamie Yeh (our OEM Director), Joel Villabroza (a past Ex. Bd member), Jose Raboy (a past Ex. Bd. member) and R. May (Pres. Emeritus). If there is a concern with the page please reach out to one of these folks or any current Ex. Bd member.  It is the hope of Joe and the rest of the team mentioned that the Facebook page will be more interesting,  and more informative that three Facebook pages.  And by all means please like the page.


 The association, together we....... are the oldest, largest, all inclusive Asian based law enforcement fraternal organization in the entire state of New Jersey thanks to you our sworn and associate members. The association is also the only charter member from the state of New Jersey with the National Asian Peace Officers Association which means we can connect with thousands of other law enforcement officers from all over this great country for the benefit of our members and community.  So thank you all for your support!


If one is aware of a company that would like to support our efforts with a donation please let us know of the company and person. We have persons and companies that have been supportive of the association but there is always so more we can do for our communities that financial constraints won't allow us do. Donations received may be tax deductible as allowed by law.

Thanks to Port Authority Police Officer Aravinda Jayewardana, Obed Lopez and Mina Shenouda And thanks to Joe for taking photo of the memorial where James Nelson is inscribed in it. I met Jimmy when he was a rookie at the Lincoln Tunnel. He used to ride with me in my sector car when he had his meal break. Jim was a sponge when it came to learning the ways of a urban cop, firm but with respect. When we went to court his demeanor and manner of speech was not that of a rookie cop. It was evident his abilities would take him to later being an academy instructor. On 9-11-01, Jimmy, 36 other PA cops and over a hundred PA employees  never came home that day. 

Thank you Aravinda, Obed and Mina for keeping the memory of those lost alive for the next generation to remember and never forget.

    Jessica meets left to right PA Officers  Jayawardana, & Shenouda

Jessica with her "writing on a star"




On April 14th the association held it's Spring membership meeting with guest speaker New Jersey Transit  Lieutenant  Keith Miano. Lieutenant Miano is in charge of training for the almost 300 member force of the NJTPD. If there is a person who may be called the renaissance man of law enforcement  Lieut. Miano would be a prime candidate. Noted supervisory personnel in attendance  Captain. V. Concina, (Clark PD), Lieut. Jean St. Paul, (DOC), Supervisor (ret) Tom Masters (US Air Marshal) ,

Sgt. V Tabaranza (NJ State Police),  Dep. Agent in Charge Nelson Chen (US Postal Service)  and Mr. law enforcement - Chief W. Schievella. We are grateful for the sworn and associate members who attended the Spring meeting including a member who travels from Queens County New York to attend association meetings. The kick off for the 2018 NJAA Law Enforcement Foundation scholarship  process took place at the meeting . The scholarship(s) will be awarded to the successful candidate(s) during the June 30th  association career fair/ law enforcement social. Copies of the application can be found on the foundations' website www.njaalef.org. One important change to the scholarship process is members themselves are eligible to take part. The requirements are the same in addition to being employed full time and attending college full time. 

Once again it bears truth... great people, great food, a super presentation makes for a great meeting.



Save the date June 30th our annual Career Day/ Law Enforcement Social. If you have attended before you know how unique it is on several different levels. If you have not attended before, you don't want to miss out. Details to follow.


Dear Friend,

We will come together today at the 9/11 Memorial to commemorate the lives of John DiGiovanni, Robert Kirkpatrick, Stephen A. Knapp, William Macko, Wilfredo Mercado and Monica Rodriguez Smith and her unborn child. These six innocent people were killed 25 years ago today in the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Though a quarter century has passed since this devastating attack, it has not been forgotten.

Over and over this past month, I have heard from men and women who were in the buildings or whose loved ones were killed about how meaningful our commemoration of this day is to them. In recognition of this milestone anniversary, we dedicated the entire month of February to remembering the victims of the 1993 bombing, honoring those who responded and those who survived, and presenting programs and activities documenting the history and legacy of the February 26, 1993 attack. So many stories have been shared about that day. For those whose loved ones were killed, the act of remembrance provides a sense of support, even after so many years. For the thousands who evacuated the towers, this anniversary recalls not only a life-changing event but also the affirmative potential of resilience. And for all the first responders who ushered thousands to safety and those who worked to bring the perpetrators to justice, this day is a reminder of the critically essential role of their public service.

This afternoon, we will gather with representatives from each of these groups at the Memorial's North pool where the names of the victims are forever etched in bronze alongside those killed on September 11, 2001. Wherever you are, please join us for a moment of silence at 12:18 p.m., marking the time of the 1993 attack. It remains imperative that we honor and remember those who died, those who survived and those who responded. We are humbled and privileged to stand with them today and every day.

With warm regards,

Alice M. Greenwald
President & CEO 9-11 Memorial

Recently Bergen County Executive James Tedesco and the Bergen County Freeholders celebrated the Lunar New Year. At the well attended event we are proud to say NJAALEOA Executive Bd. member and Bergen County Sheriff's Officer Fred Rivera received a citation for community service. Congrats to all the citation recipients. And thanks to Bergen County Administrators for hosting the event which is celebrated by over one billion people across the globe.

November 2, 2017

On November 15, 2017 the honorable New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino held a major press conference to kick off the SAFE STOP NJ campaign. The premise of the SAFE STOP campaign is a simple, yet powerful one to the motoring public in New Jersey and beyond:  When a motor vehicle is stopped by a law enforcement officer what should the operator do and what can the operator expect from said law enforcement officer.

There is no doubt , when word of this campaign, SAFESTOP hits the streets and neighborhoods of New Jersey, it can and will potentially save lives of all concerned in a traffic stop situation. KUDOS to the Attorney General and his office to kick off such a great program involving law enforcement, celebrities and community leaders.

The association thanks the Edison Township Police Department for allowing Police Officers Jason Chang and Shirley Dong to participate  directly with the SAFE STOP NJ campaign. 

To those on this mass e-mailing please disseminate the information to your members of the force, community, in the colleges, high schools and community centers. This is a win win for law enforcement and the communities we all serve. SAFE STOP will not stop the bad guys from trying to hurt those that are sworn to protect. SAFE STOP will allow the motoring public to  be aware of what they should do during a motor vehicle stop and if necessary what recourse they have if they have concerns regarding said car stop.


At the podium during the  SAFE STOP NJ press conference is NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino with law enforcement personnel, community leaders and celebrities all supporting the SAFE STOP Initiative. (far left is NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh & member Officer Jason Chang.









A response to ignorance.

The New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association condemns the disgraceful flier that targeted certain Asian American School Board candidates in Edison, NJ.  We also condemn as cowards the individuals who have sent the hateful flier in this anonymous manner to the residents of Edison by US mail.  We hope to identify the author(s) of this ignorant message and call them out for who they are.  They are racists and bigots.  The residents of Edison and this State deserve better.

We are proud that the Asian American community continues to meaningfully participate and contribute to every aspect of society.  Asian Americans are represented in business, the military, government, law enforcement and in the schools.  The community at large in Edison and in this State is made better by Asian American participation and contribution rather than their exclusion.  We are all made better by our diversity. 


Robert May

President Emeritus/ founder  the NJAALEOA






President Joe Luistro, Association OEM Director Jamie Yeh and R. May had an informal meeting with  New Jersey  State Police Major Brian Polite and Trooper GeneHong. Major Polite is the commanding officer of the NJSP Community Outreach and Public Affairs Unit. A productive discussion of issues of mutual concern were addressed including but not limited to recruitment,  and joint participation  of events.

from left to right. President Joe Luistro, Trooper Gene Hong, R. May, Major Brian Polite and OEM Director Jamie Yeh.



Yesterday 9/10/17 the association as part of its outreach program attended the 7 chapter OCA and CFC event in Bergen County. Special thanks to members Senior Corrections Officer Ray Alfaro  & Morris County Investigator Grace Marotta for taking the time to help out. Also thanks to Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino and the Director of Communications Bergen County Sheriff's Office W. Schievella for sending Bergen County K-9 Sheriff Officer Fred Rivera and Officer Samantha Oh to the event. The association had besides educational and safety material for for the adults and children also had 9-11-01 artifacts on display. It was a great day as the children spoke at length to Officers Oh, Marotta and Alfaro in regards to law enforcement and safety issues. Officer Rivera spent allot of time with answering questions about his police dog and the various uses canines have in law enforcement. The adults and especially the children really appreciated the efforts of Marotta, Oh, Alfaro and Rivera. Photos with permission of parents.




 If you have someone in mind let me hear about it so the person can be included in the mix.







 Congrats to NJAALEOA member  Detective Tejesh Patel who was recently given a certificate of appreciation for his work while on the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office task force. Officer A. Barboio is pictured with Detective Patel. Job well done for both officers!


Special Notice: The October general membership will also be the election meeting for the Executive board for 2018. Several people have posed an interest in running for a board position with the knowledge active participation at times throughout the year is a must.  The meeting is being set up at the headquarters of the Federal Air Marshal Service located in Newark New Jersey. More specific information is forthcoming. 

August 14 to August 17th. The National conference is being held in St. Paul Minnesota this year. The association is trying to get an estimate on members who may be attending. Please notify Joe at [email protected] if your thinking of attending.

This past Wednesday NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was assassinated by a cop hating thug in the Bronx. Officer Familia did not have a chance to return fire as the punk blindsided her while she was in a NYPD mobile command unit writing her entries as she started her midnight tour of duty. This has happened before, it has happened now to Officer Familia and it will happened again. One never knows when a low life human like the one who cowardly shot Officer Familia will sneak up on a law enforcement officer to kill said officer simply because of what she or he does, protect life and property. RIP  NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia.                                                          

What a fantastic night.  The 20th Anniversary dinner was awesome.  Click here for photos

From NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh:
On the behalf of Taiwanese Police & Fire Delegation, would like to thank NJAALEOA President Sgt. J. Luistro and  Officer J. Chang of the Edison Police Department for... the outstanding department tour of police headquarter, 911 Dispatch Center, visit of the commanding staffs and police patrol ride-along opportunity. Exceptional hospitality by exceptional professionals! Your partnership and support in international engagement and police training initiatives is most valued and appreciated.
Edison Police Officer J. Chang with representatives from Taiwan Police delegation at Edison Police headquarters. The delegation also visited with the Bergen County Sheriff's Office who were guided by Director William Schievella.
A special thanks to  Edison PD Chief Thomas Bryan and Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino for the courtesies extended law enforcement delegation from Taiwan. 
 "I frequently enjoy meeting and teaching foreign police officers about law enforcement. Although we speak different languages and wear different insignia, we all protect our communities from crime and terrorism. " William Schievella.


Very much worth repeating. March 29th, An important issue affecting law enforcement. Do you know the difference between a bias incident and bias crime? What is a bias crime?

A program worth attending. Please check out the attached.




Agency Logo
Tuesday March 21, 2017, 2:29 PM

Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office NJ

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Advisory: Prosecutor’s Office Seeks Help to Identify Man

Dear R May,

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey said today that authorities are seeking the public’s assistance with identifying the man in the composite sketch.

On August 12, 2016, the Perth Amboy Police Department reported that an unidentified individual had been discovered in a wooded area near the intersection of Herbert Street and Riverview Drive.

Forensic examination of the deceased revealed that the unidentified male was between the age of 25-35 and between 5’2” to 5’5” tall.

The New Jersey State Police Forensic Photograph and Composite Artist Unit with the assistance of Forensic Anthropologist Donna Fontana were able to reconstruct the pictured composite sketch. 

Authorities are attempting to positively identify the individual. Anyone with information as to the identity of this individual is asked to contact Det. Joseph Chesseri of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at 732-745-3115 or Det. Jose Rosario with the Perth Amboy Police Department at 732-324-3811 or DSG. Joel Trella of the New Jersey State Police Missing Person Unit at 609-882-2000 ext. 2554

Click on the following link:

For full details, view this message on the web


The Edison Township police Department will out fit 125 of their officers with body cams. The association advocated for the Body Cams when we were privileged to be part of a committee under the Office of the NJ Attorney General to discuss the use of Body Cams for law enforcement personnel in the state of New Jersey The person demonstrating the use of the body cam is NJAALEOA member and veteran Edison Police Officer J. Aldahondo


Recently NJAALEOA member and Edison Police Officer Donald Ship was recognized by the township and the department for his efforts to assist a needy family. Well deserved Officer Ship!  Photo: Officer Ship pictured in the middle with  Edison PD Chief  Thomas Bryan pictured to the far right.

On February 12, 2017 the association sponsored a recruitment effort by the New Jersey State Police Recruitment Unit. The NJSP are currently accepting on line applications for the position of State trooper. Please notify all those that may be interested in this law enforcement career position. The event held at the Rutgers Community Christian Church Somerset NJ went exceptional well. Click here for photos

The association was off the grid for three weeks. The association has some catching up to due sending out info that may be interesting  and or important to the membership and our many supporters.

Earlier this month long time member and supporter of the association Jeannette Gormeley graduated the police academy and was sworn in with approx. 25 others as the newest members of the Jersey City Police Department. Congratulations Officer Gormeley, well deserved!

Jersey City Police Officer J. Gormeley, family supporters and long time NJAALEOA supporter, the honorable Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro

On February 10th members of the association met with the honorable Mercer County Prosecutor A. Onofri at his office near NJ capital building. Several matters were discussed including but not limited to areas of mutual concern, a brief history of the association, assistance rendered to law enforcement departments and association community sponsored projects.

The meeting was informative and productive. Photo left to right: member Officer Josh Chatterjee, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri, Association OEM Director Jamie Yeh and R. May. 


Congrats to Judge (ret) Sue Pai Yang for being honored during the 20th annual Home Crest community services gala this coming February 17th at the Jin Fong Restaurant. Judge Yang has been a leader within the Asian community as well as the legal community for decades. Congratulation Judge Sue Pai Yang.
Speaking of community leaders, a quick recovery wish to long time member
Virginia Ng. Virginia is the President (again) of the Organization of Chinese Americans NJ chapter, an all inclusive social advocate organization. Virginia also holds a national post with the OCA in Washington DC. With two new knees Virginia will be ready for another few decades of community service to many.

Check out the exciting event that just past!

NJ State Trooper Frankie Williams  past away in the line of duty as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident  a few days ago caused by a motorist. Trooper Williams just graduated from the NJSP academy on January 29, 2016. Rest In Peace Trooper Frankie Williams

William Hall was a New Jersey State Trooper, a Chief with the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department and now a Supervisor In Charge for the Federal Air Marshal service, New York Office. Chief Hall as I addressed him during and after our days with the Port Authority recalls the days of 9-11-01 and beyond. in the video. The Chief has a command presence about him and  spoke in a quiet tone most often unless you did not have the answers you were expected to have. Then no words were needed as one would look at his blue eyes and know you goofed up. A true commander that those just starting out could learn much from.



Last Sunday A New Jersey State Trooper showed the New Jets what an open field tackle should look like.

Though unconfirmed, the trooper received an invite from the Jets to try out for a position during the next free agent try outs.








The NJAA Law Enforcement Foundation is seeking your help at absolutely no cost to you.

You can at no cost to you, join Amazon Smile. Amazon will make a donation to the foundation at no cost to you when make purchases via Amazon. Again you do not lose any benefits, it at no cost to you and you'll help the foundation , help you.
PLEASE take 14 seconds to join, that's what it took to make the New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Foundation  my selected choice. 

thank you for your effort and helping the cause at no cost to you.

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We will reach out to New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Foundation Inc to ensure it is ready to accept donations from Amazon.



To those that served and are now serving in the armed forces, Happy Veterans Day.

To those that made the ultimate sacrifice we honor their service and heroism.



It's that time of year when the association reminds members in regards to annual membership  to the association.

During the year the association works hard to keep you informed on many issues. We continue to have a personal relationship with a multi vehicle dealership to afford you personal service and a great deal. We have extremely competent attorneys to assist you and your family . We at our own expense meet with community leaders, and law enforcement executives   for the purpose of networking and ensuring they know the association and its membership are alive and well. The association conducted more mock orals,  and more interview  scenarios than ever for our membership.  Our associate members have reached out to us more than ever before on a variety of issues.

Our annual "Asianfest" law enforcement social/ career fair has grown bigger and better than ever.

Continue to join with us, the oldest, largest Asian base ALL INCLUSIVE fraternal law enforcement organization in the state of New Jersey. Membership is still 35. until January 1, 2017, then it is 40.  NJAALEOA shirts are still only 5. until January 1, 2017 then it is 10. per shirt. Reminder on can use PayPal using  www.njaaleoa.org  Thank you to those that have already become 2017 members and to those that have told others about the association and they have become members for 2017. Now how about you?

      Yesterday (11/4/16) NYPD Sargent Paul Tuzzolo died of a gun shot wound by a perp. While in the performance of his duties the 19 year veteran responded to a domestic violence call when he was confronted by an armed individual who shot Sgt. in the head. Yet another tragic ending where a wife and two children will not see their husband/father come home anymore.

   On November 2, 2016 Des Moines Iowa Sergeant Anthony Beminio while on patrol was cowardly shot and killed "ambush style" by a known low life. Yet another tragic ending where a wife and their three children will not see or hear their father anymore.

  On November 2 Urbandale Iowa Police Officer while on patrol was cowardly shot and killed "ambush style" by a known low, the same individual who killed Sgt. Beminio. Yet another tragic ending where a young man with less than two years on the job will never go back to the only job he ever wanted.

More ambush style assassinations   of police officers, more indidvuals who shoot to kill police officers without a moment's notice. 

May these officers and those before them rest in peace. Their end of tours came too soon. Their acts of bravery and heroism will be remembered much, much longer.


  ".....Back each other up, watch out for one another, be on high alert at all times, be vigilant, be great and go home safe!!!  Words to remember. From a well respected Chief of Police in New Jersey.






To those members that were kind enough to donate to the NJAA Law Enforcement Foundation a IRS approved 501c3 foundation, thank you. Your generosity will go a long way to provide scholarships and other programs. To those that pledged to donate and maybe forgot, now would be a good time as any. For those that were on the fence, your tax deductible donation would be appreciated by the foundation


 The Edison Police Department recently introduced their bike patrol squad to the public. Officer C. Gadomki  along with Officers Lisa Cimmino, Jennifer Aldahondo and Neel Patel comprise the bike patrol squad. Cimmino, Aldahondo and Patel also happen to be members of the NJAALEOA. Looking good bike squad! 





Up front and close with those that know what it takes to become a New Jersey State Trooper. A power point presentation and your questions answered in a social setting. 

The New Jersey State Police is one of the largest law enforcement organizations in the state of New Jersey. At the October 22nd meeting we have the privilege of three State Troopers , all who are veterans of the NJSP recruitment unit.  What does it take to become NJ State trooper? What are the qualities sought by the NJSP in a candidate?

How long is the process? What is the process? I go could on and on but it may be better said by You or a family member or friend. Are the answers to your inquires transferable when seeking other positions I suspect the answer is a resounding YES.

Great food! great company! Great guests! in Dep. Chief Mieczkowski and the recruiting team of the New Jersey State Police. A power point presentation will be first before the question and answer session. Several, not one, not two but several association members are in the NJSP process, why not you, your family member or friend?

The New Jersey State Police will bid a happy retirement to Captain Steven Jones the commanding officer of the public affairs unit. The association wishes Captain Jones the very best with his next chapter in life.

New Jersey State Police Captain Steven Jones


Recently a group from the Taiwan National Police Agency visited the Unites States to observe the best practices from various law enforcement departments. They visited with the honorable Dr. Henry Lee as well as The Morris County Sheriff's Office. Morris County Undersheriff William Schievella gave them the VIP tour of their facilities.

Photo from the left: NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh, Lt. General Ming-Chow HO, the President of the Taiwan Police College and Morris County Undersheriff William Schievella.


On 9/27/2016  NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh & President Emeritus Robert May represented the association at the swearing in of the honorable NJ Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino. The event held at the Hughes Justice complex in Trenton was an extremely well attended event. As Jamie and I sat 4 rows away from the stage
 in front of AG Porrino we learned he is a brilliant attorney and just as important appears to be a down to earth person as his predecessor AG John Hoffman. 
History was made at the swearing in as for the first time ever, an electronic bible was used to swear in AG Porrino.  The honorable Governor Chris Christie and two past Governors B. Byrne and J. McGreevy were present at the swearing in. Jamie and I before or after the ceremony had the opportunity to confer with  County Prosecutors A. Carey (Middlesex), G. Park (Union), A. Onofri (Mercer), R. Bernardi (Burlington) and G. Grewal (Bergen). Jamie and I also had the opportunity to briefly confer other highly regarded indidvuals such  as AG J.Hoffman, Director E. Honig, Chief of staff  R. Ricigliano and NJSP NCO President P. Stillanessis. During the ceremony there were several standing ovations for AG Porrino which to this writer were/are well deserved. The office of the Attorney General continues to be in good hands with the honorable Christopher S, Porrino at its helm.  The NJAALEOA looks forward to continue  working with AG Porrino and his staff.

The honorable NJ Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino

The honorable NJ Governor Chris Christie

The honorable Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal with NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh

Former NJ Governor James McGreevy with President Emeritus R. May  

Congratulations to long time NJAALEOA supporter Mr. Yong Nae Cho who on September 23, 2016 received an  exceptional distinguish award for his many years of community service and years of leadership within the New Jersey Korean American Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Cho is on the left in the photo above and

fifth from the left within the photo below.




An opportunity in Bergen County (thanks to joe)


With the recent multiple terrorist attacks in New Jersey, and New York of which the animal was apprehended two things hardly spoken of by the media but played a large part in the big picture.

1) There was an abundance of good luck on a number of levels. Such as the delay of the 5K race in Seaside Heights. No one was close enough to be killed at all the locations.

2) The perpetrator and thank goodness is not the brightest color in the box. Used classic well known methods to make IED's but only had the (and thank goodness) the ability to construct said instruments poorly where several devices did not go off.

Kudos to the bureau (including their techs), the ATF, and other law enforcement personnel including the NJ officer who recognized the perp. when the officer was removing him from the front of an establishment.  


The garbage is alive as is all he tried to kill......



Congrats to our own Neel P. who went down on one knee recently and asked this lovely young lady, "Will you marry me?" Figuring they just jumped out of a plane together how much worse can it get, she said YES. Congrats to the lovely couple.






/31/16) was the last day for NJAALEOA member Jeanette G. as a Senior NJS corrections officer. Tomorrow Jeanette obtains a new title. That of rookie Jersey City Police Officer. Jeanette is the second member in recent months to join one of the largest police forces in the state. Congratulations to Jeanette G.  

8-16-2016 The NJAALEOA in junction with the NJ Asian American Law Enforcement Foundation donated dozens of school supplies to the Amboy Bank effort which in turn gives the supplies to those children in need.  From right to left  Amboy bank manager Carol DiCola, President Emeritus/ founder of the NJAALEOA R. May, Amboy bank teller Trinette and Amboy bank asst. manager and NJAALEOA member Kathrine Lee.


The association is always proud and happy to know when a member receives an award or special recognition. This one is quite unique as the award is being given by an organization 1/2 way around the world to long time supporter and NJAALEOA member, retired supervisory US Air Marshal Tom Masters. Tom will next week fly to South Korea to receive "The Exceptional Korean of the Year "award by the Global Journalists Club of Korea. In part Tom will receive this prestigious award because of his "service to the US community and recruitment of Koreans Americans, specifically into law enforcement and ASIAN Americans, generally." Congrats Agent (ret) Thomas Masters, well deserved!

What are some of the youth of America, drinking,smoking  or eating to become possible future knuckle head leaders? Actually phrasing a question is an excellent investigative tool but the question posed to these youngsters still gives info of a name of a  brutal dictator, the name of an oppressive country  and the successful launch of a nuclear weapon by said country Media has covered the actions of North Korea for years yet these are responses of some of our youth.





Please note the attached photo. Two of our members travelled to Washington DC to attended this ground breaking event, NJSP Trooper G. Hong and our OEM Director Jamie Yeh.

On April 10, 2016, The Taiwanese American First Responders Benevolent Organization was formally established and recognized at a diplomatic ceremony in Washington, D.C. Founder & President Fung and Vice President Lee provided the delegates and volunteers with a presentation and mission of the organization.  
Among the law enforcement and homeland security attendees included Lt. Col. Lin from Taiwan National Police Agency, Dep. Federal Security Director Mildiner from Transportation Security Administration, Trooper Hong from New Jersey State Police, Detective Yu from Montgomery County Police, and OEM Director Yeh from New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association.

Several members of the association a few months ago participated in a national scale project by the distinguished Vera Institute. Earlier this year the publication was released with the approval of the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This project deals with current real time policing issues. Whether law enforcement executives want to acknowledge it exists or believe their jurisdictions have absolutely no need to address the issue of being more effective at community policing  maybe just maybe everyone should at least read through these guidebooks. From the 1st line patrol officer to the person with all the stars on their shoulders and scrambled eggs on their hats should at least read through this. I suspect community leaders, educators, criminal justice majors and John Q. Citizen will be able to take something away from this read. Early feedback from law enforcement personnel have been very positive.

On a personal note I would like to thank those officers from the association for taking part in this project. I would also like to thank the Vera Institute  for including Asians within the context of the word "community" when often Asians are for whatever reason are left out of the conversation.  Please take a period of time and look over the guidelines. The URL noted after the press release will lead you to the text. For a written copy of the guidelines please contact the Vera Institute.



A  long time NJAALEOA member received a super special belated Christmas present  on December 28,2015. Mohammad Ghafoor this day was sworn in as a member of the Edison Township Police Department. Mohammad is an Edison resident and former auxiliary police officer in Edison. He took his oath of office at the Edison municipal complex with a packed standing room audience in attendance. 
Congratulations Edison Twp. Police Officer #445 Mohammad  A. Ghafoor

Photo one: NJAALEOA President J. Luistro, Edison Township PD Chief of Police T. Bryan,  and Officer Mohammad Ghafoor

Photo two: Captain J. Shannon, Officer Ghafoor and Pres. J. Luistro

Photo three: Captain M. Freeman, Officer Ghafoor and Pres. J. Luistro

On December 21, 2015 members of the NJAALEOA, [email protected] Arms, Raymond Alfaro,  NJAALEOA OEM Director Jamie Yeh and the undersigned attended the press conference held by the honorable NJ Attorney General John Hoffman. The press conference held at the Rutgers, Piscataway campus duly noted more and more law enforcement departments are taking advantage of a  state asset forfeiture based grant as well as a federal grant program to implement a body cam program within their departments.  The association has advocated for the use of body cams for many positive reasons such as  the interests of law enforcement and the public are preserved in video. As it is said, "One picture can equate to a thousand words."  The response from the membership and supporters of the association has been overwhelmingly positive in regards to the issue of body cams. The association continues to strive to have organizations known to the association make their thoughts, concerns or  comments known to us in regards to this issue or others. It is important to have the Asian American community as well as the community at large know what those little boxes attached to the shirt of a law enforcement officer are and what the purpose of those boxes are. Some law enforcement executives in attendance at the conference but not pictured above were County Prosecutors Grace Park and Andrew Carey, Chief of Detectives J. McCabe, Rutgers Police Captain Ken Cop, Middletown Deputy Chief Robert Stefanski, and Camden County Police Chief Scott Thompson.

Never too young to think about a career in law enforcement. Attending the NJAALEOA meeting, 18 month old Rien with her mother Detective J. Thai.

PHOTO RIGHT: Some of the 2015-2016 NJAALEOA Executive Board members with super NJAALEOA supporter Morris County Undersheriff W. Schievella. 

On this the 14th  anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on US soil, I thought these two photos would be special on this solemn day.  
Photo one: Pope Benedict, praying for the souls lost on 9-11-01 and blessing the World Trade site.

Photo two: One of the last individuals to come out of the rumble alive that was once the World Trade tower, Port Authority Police Lieutenant  John McLoughlin meets and is blessed by Pope Benedict. 

Photo three: What the World Trade site looked like just beyond where Pope Benedict stood.

( Photos not to be copied or reproduced in any matter for any reason under any circumstances)
There is no doubt in my mind many have forgotten what happened and the significance of September 11th. Please take a moment ,one moment out of  your day today to pause and reflect of  that day in September of 2001 where thousand of innocents were slain and hundreds made the ultimate sacrifice to save many.

Policing has its benefits. 
Recruitment, age does not matter
Making for a good day to those we serve, one small person at a time
Having our citizens know they are safe and secure, one shiny badge at a time.
Jen Aldahondo (NJAALEOA 1st VP) with a member of the public we all serve 24/7
JS Hondo's photo.
This is pretty awesome. (thanks to Virginia)

No need for commentary for this one.

RIP in Peace brother.
K9s4Cops.org's photo.



This has happened in the past and it will happen in the future, a reason for law enforcement to video  their own actions now in days. People see and hear things differently, whether intentional or not. 


On Monday April 27,2015 yours truly traveled to the Morris County Police and Fire Academy as I was honored and privileged to speak on behalf of the NJAALEOA before the graduating  class of young woman and men who took part in and past the Law Enforcement Career Development Course. As I looked out to the audience of graduates from the dais I was humbled to know that despite the recent intense hatred of law enforcement by organized thugs, punks and the like, there were young adults striving to become a member of blue  each knowing one day they may have to but themselves in harms way to protect others. These graduates reminded me of many of our associate members of which some are graduates of this course and they too know our job is one that in a split second  things can change for the worse. 
This is an amazing program. The powerhouse of law enforcement officials and on the dais and university administrators in the front row was to say the least most impressive. The most impressive of all is who in the world could produce this one of kind program ,bring  together an array of well respected law enforcement officials to teach the course as to give these young college adults a real sense of what lies ahead for them in the law enforcement community? All NJAALEOA members and supporters have heard his name on a number of occasions by the association.  He is a great supporter of the NJAALEOA. He is a long time multi decade friend of mine. He is none other than  Morris County Undersheriff William Schievella.  Undersheriff Schievella spoke in part of the diversity of the graduating class and as I looked at the faces of those in the audience how true his words were. A diverse, educated, smart  law enforcement community... that's a good thing for all concerned.
I was going to speak about how not everyday will be safe free and  keeping public order is not the easiest thing to achieve in a world whose population is mixed with outright lawless people. This was too happy of an occasion to speak of a lesson they all will learn in the future when they put on the "blue".
I spoke about the NJAALEOA and emphazied if the NJAALEOA could be of assistance to anyone of the graduates all they has to do was to reach out to their Executive Director of the program Undersheiff Schievella. The keynote speaker was Deputy NJ Attorney General Wanda Moore who spoke upon several issues using a video presentation. It was an excellent presentation.
One of the remarks by Under sheriff Schievella was how important networking is to the law enforcement community. How true. The NJAALEOA is proud and honored to network with Undersheriff Schievella and the programs he produces for the good of so many. Last night (4/28/15) was a good night for our future in law enforcement , those highly regarded within the law enforcement community, the educators in attendance, the families of the graduates and myself. Why, for so many reasons.... but one particular  selfish reason comes to  mind.  For one night, this  night the good that is within the law enforcement community shined and shined brightly without one word from a cop hater,or a puck that wishes death upon us everyday   because unfrotuneately  a few did wrong while  the vast majority, the huge majority in law enforcement day in and day out 24 hours a day protect and serve as they are sworn do until they hang up the handcuffs and call it a day 20, 25, 30 years down the road.  This was a good day for me, this was an excellent day for me and I thank the graduates, the law enforcement professionals , the educators at the ceremony  and  especially one very special person who does so much for so many,..... one  William Schievella. 
Photos: left: photo Undersheriff William Schievella in a rare uniform photo ,  Port Auth. of NY & NJ Police Officer I Irving, it was a pleasant surprise to see one of my own from the PAPD at the ceremony   and yours truly.
middle: yours truly with NJAALEOA member and law enforcement course graduate Imtiaz Zinnah
right:  NJAALEOA member Imtiaz Zinnah and future NJAALEOA member Julia Perry.






Interesting article from active member David L.





New York City Police Officer Brian Moore saw something a thug was doing around his waist band, He saw something most people would not think twice about. But not Police Officer Brian Moore.,there was something suspicious about the actions taken by the thug and the plainclothes anti crime officer knew it.
The thug also knew he was in the presence of a police officer and reacted as the career criminal that he is. He without regards for life as he had done before,he took a gun from his person and shot Officer Moore in the head. Brian Moore fought for life for two days until the result of the gunshot wound he took at the hands of the thug was too much and he past on to be along side St. Michael and I am sure many  other brave souls. No marches condemning the actions of the punk who happened to be Black, no destruction of property , no burning of vehicles, no throwing of rocks and stones by civilians or anybody else. None of that. Just a long, line of blue, two rows of blue saluting a hero as he past by in an ambulance for a trip to a funeral parlor. All at attention, all silent  all respectful to a person who wanted and did make a difference to the people of New York City. Rest in Peace Officer Brian Moore..........  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsCp5LG_zNE

The NJAALEOA and all those associated with us, we honor the name of 25 year old  NYC Police Officer Brian Moore.


Your  alone making a car stop
Your in plain clothes
You have no idea who the driver is nor the person in the back seat.
plus at least 15 other concerns including one should consider everything  may be recorded for the good, bad or otherwise. 
On the flip side, a rush to judgment of racial profiling of police by a current known actress is blown out of the water when a video clearly displays no such action occurred.  The officer could have suffered a lot of grief  had it not been for the video. The officer in fact was by far courteous and professional in his handling of the incident.
Two videos with law enforcement personnel involved, two different outcomes.
If you had to choose , which video would you be in?

A happy moment, Congratulates to Detective Lieutenant Dennis Lam upon his recent retirement from the Madison Township Police Department.  Detective Lieutenant Lam a well respected police commander and community leader I am sure will be missed in Madison. The NJAALEOA is extremely proud to have Dennis as a member and we hope he will mentor upcoming rookies that may one day  fill his big shoes as a knowledgeable , well respected police commander. Best of luck to Detective Lieutenant Dennis Lam!!

The association received this from several sources. This is to all that protect and serve, municipal, county, state, bi state, federal and all other law enforcement entities. This is worth passing on.

The Executive Director of the NPDF Joe Occhipinti has broadcast a 2500.00 reward for the safe recovery of Timothy Hamlett. Please post where appropriate. The NJAALEOA thanks the Executive and the NPDF for their efforts. 
Click here for more details.

 The following was received from our brother and sister fraternal  law enforcement organization from across the river. As noted the proceeds to the journal will be given to the parents of Detective's Liu.  Click here for more info.

This will also be sent to corporate entities as well as out of  state law enforcement personnel If you or an associate you know can assist please do so. Tickets to attend the event is sold out with a waiting list being used. The purchase of a  journal ad  is  way of showing your support to law enforcement and to Detective Liu's family





The following missing person
 is the son of a Port Authority police officer which I had the privilege of working with. Please LEO's especially MOF of NYPD, PAPD,MTA, Amtrak and NJ Transit be made aware of his descript. To all those that receive this NJAALEOA e-mail and are not sworn LEO's, if you observe someone that looks like the individual please say something and remember the location, if in the company of anyone description of clothing, a license plate #, make and model if seen in a vehicle or just about anything  else. The contact numbers are listed below or call 911 if you do not remember the listed numbers.




NYPD Detective is laid to rest today 1/4/15, a few days after his partner NYPD  Detective Ramos was laid to rest at the same cemetery. The association has received numberous photos of the funeral detail from association members who attended the funeral. In honor and remembrance of Detectives Liu and Ramos the association will post photos in a special section of  the association websites. 
Today, in the New York Times, a Sunday front page article focused on  Asians- Americans in law enforcement and  the NYPD. The article ( video version) also included headline input from NJAALEOA President Joseph Luistro  and a quote from yours truly (print article). The print article headlined NYPD Detective (ret) Tommy Ong who is now a PI. Tommy continues to be a positive force in promoting "the job" NYPD and is often times at NYPD AJS events with camera in hand. It is the hope of the association that the New York Times article written by David Chen and video, produced by Channon Hodge  promotes the fact the fabric of professional law enforcement in this country and state and should  consist of  individuals of not just one background but of several, including but not limited to Asian Americans. 
 The video



The following attachment is the bio of Tunnel and Bridge Officer Thomas Choi. As mentioned in an earlier e-mail his passing is a result of a line of duty injury which left him a coma that he never came out of.
RIP Officer Thomas Choi.

 The association has received a number of photos taken before, during and after the funeral of slain NYPD Detective Liu. The association will send out a few photos in a future e-mail but will have many others displayed on a special section of our websites. Many NJAALEOA members attended the funeral and wake to pay respects to Detective Liu and his family as they did during  Detective's Ramos's wake and funeral. It must be noted that the NYPD Asian Jade Society held a gathering of law enforcement  personnel from around the country who are members of the National Asian Peace Officers Association as to one final time, as a group, pay their respects to hero cop.... NYPD Detective  Wen Jian Liu. The NYPD Asian Jade Society deserves  kudos to have such a gathering  at a  Brooklyn restaurant for over one hundred law enforcement personnel at their own expense. 

The following are photos taken of NYPD Detective Liu's wake which was held in Brooklyn, the same location where the funeral for the Detective will take place. These photos were taken by NJAALEOA member , avid supporter David Lin.  An additional e-mail will follow with photos taken by David.


Around 2000 hours (12/20/14) the Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department held a press conference and in detail spoke of the execution of two members of the force, Police Officer Ramos and Police Officer Liu. at the hands of a punk, scum, ganged up, coward. As indicated by Commissioner Bratton, the two officers did not have a chance to respond to the deadly threat posed to them while they were on duty, in uniform and doing what they were sworn to do while in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.  It was noted by the commissioner that the scum probably traveled from an out of state jurisdiction and purposely traveled to Brooklyn intent on killing New York City Police officers this day.
Officer Liu from sources has indicated he is a member of the New York City Police Asian Jade Society, our brother organization across the river. Non the less these are our brothers, Liu and Ramos, in blue that made the ultimate sacrifice and on this day will not ever again come home to their families. 
NJAALEOA President  Luistro and I discussed this tragic incident that led to the death of Officers Liu and Ramos before the Commissioner's press conference. We cannot stress enough the need for all to be vigilant as best as you can though in this case this punk never gave Officers Liu and Ramos a chance to respond to his actions against them. Please be careful out there and to our associates if you see something report it.
The NJAALEOA mourns the loss of two  of our own in blue from the New York City Police Department.

his is from James Ng,  the current President of the NYPD Asian Jade Society. James is a Sgt. assigned to the Midtown Pct.
NAPOA President James Ng today issued a news release with the following statement:
“The National Asian Peace Officers Association mourns the death of one our own members from the local chapter of the New York Police Department Asian Jade Society. Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Officer Wenjian Liu, a 7-year officer who married just 2 months ago. He immigrated to this country as a teen from Toishan, a city in southern Guangdong province in China. His parents are ...understandably grief stricken over the loss of their only child.”
“At Woodhull Hospital, where Officer Liu had been taken after the shooting, I had the painful task of providing English translation to Officer Liu’s family. In the days ahead, we hope the outpouring of support and assistance from the National Asian Peace Officers Association and its 22 chapters across the nation will provide comfort to the Liu family. We shall deeply miss Officer Liu. Not only will we always remember you, but always, we will be very grateful to you for your honorable devotion and dedication to protecting our communities.”

Congratulations to Past NJAALEOA Ex. Bd. member and Jersey City Police Officer Joel Villabroza upon his promotion to Detective on 12/22/2014. Joel has been a long standing member of the association and it is a well deserved promotion.

photo one right to left: Jen Aldahondo VP NJAALEOA., Steven Fulop, the Mayor of Jersey City, Detective Villabroza and NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro in front of the mayor's office after the swearing in ceremony. 


The photo attached is Ms. Wong accepting a plaque from the NJAALEOA on behalf of one of our great sponsors and supporters who wish to remain anonymous. The association finally made the presentation yesterday 12/23/14.


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